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Product testing & OPEN Innovation


PharmaceuticalS & Supplements

We work with our clients to demonstrate microbial changes associated with drugs, topicals, natural products and supplements. From marketing studies to clinical trials, we can help design and execute research to support high quality results.

Food and Beverage

Clients from local food delivery operations to multinational CPG companies work with us to show dietary impact on the human microbiome. Our test kits are easily packaged with your products or mailed directly to consumers, taking sampling for dietary studies out of your hands.


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Digital Health

Mobile-based programs and apps have made major strides in disease management, doctor-patient communication and behavior change. Is your offering having the right patient impact at the microbiome level? Contact us for more details.

Virtual Clinical Trials

Because our test kits can be mailed directly to research participants and then mailed directly to our lab by the participant, our platform is ideal for digital health-based or “virtual” clinical trials. Scale your study with the right sample size with us.